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Pet Hotel & Daycare

Standard Dogs Boarding (All Inclusive)

$40 per night

  • A minimum of 4 indoor play room sessions between 9:30A.M.-3:30P.M
  • Sleeping cot
  • Cotton Blanket
  • In house food and treats(You can bring your own too).
  • Feeding bowls and toys.
  • Additional dog in the same kennel cost $25 per night. Only dogs under 30 lbs of the same family can share a standard room.

Cats Boarding

$30 per night

We also offer comfortable, clean and quiet cat cottages with a play area with toys for their entertainment. Price includes in house food & litter.

Peak Days Pricing Policy

Please note that scheduling on holidays will add a $10 per night fee on all boarding  services (Easter Weekend, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day).

More information about Boarding

Check in is anytime within business hours and check out time is at Noon(Monday-Saturday). Late check out is subject to a $10 fee per pet.

Daycare Services

$30 daily(8 hours)

$20 half day(4 hours)


Bring your dogs to Pet Bath and Beyond and let them have a great day making new friends and enjoying all the indoor activities that we have for all. Daycare includes hourly playroom sessions and when they are tired they can take a nap inside our fully climate controlled building and use one of our clean and comfortable kennels. We can feed them with our House Food or you can bring your own.

Important Information

  • Discounts cannot be combined. 
  • All services require appointment. 
  • Daycare services are not available during holidays. 
  • If your dogs need to be separated for feeding separate kennels will be charged. 
  • All dogs will get a preventive flea treatment at arrival if needed at your cost. 
  • Please know that while we maintain the most sanitary conditions, it is impossible to ensure that your pet won’t contract an airborne bacteria such as Bordetella. The good news is that it is typically very treatable and short-lived but do see your veterinarian for the most current vaccines and any questions.
Phone: <a href="tel:210-738-2284">210-738-2284</a><br>12730 NW Military Suite 104, San Antonio, Texas 78231
12730 NW Military Suite 104, San Antonio, Texas 78231